My Natural Hair Journey

What I learnt From My Hair aka Returning to Natural and What I’m Still Learning

For many years (at least 20 or so) I wanted my hair to look a certain way.
Society taught me though, that sleek and straight also equalled “right”. But as I grew older I would come to see how very wrong society actually was.

Before all of that though, I started relaxing my hair. It felt *wonderful*! To be able to shake my head and feel, what I imagined was, a shimmering mane. My peers noticed and were so impressed and asked me about it. Ashamed, I lied and told them I had had an oil treatment.
Why? Because it was just sad that I had to chemically treat my hair to make it look like theirs….or so I believed.

Anyhow, while I enjoyed my new found dazzle, aside from having to constantly style and protect my blown out hair, I totally admired girls with frizzy, really curly hair. And so began my search for the ultimate product that would give my relaxed mane the ultimate curl.

I never found it.:-|

I spent so much time and money to absolutely no avail.

About two and a half years ago I came across an article about “going natural” and it got me thinking…why should I relax my hair? Why exactly was I hiding my natural texture from the world? And I realised something…I was no longer a girl who needed to fit in, no longer the girl who felt she needed to change or add to her appearance to look like someone else’s version of right and pretty.
And I thought, “what the hey! I’m goin natural!”

Can you say FREEEEEEEEDOM! Shout it if you must 🙂
I loved it! Do you know why?
Turns out, the curl pattern I had always been looking for….I already had! And it is b-e-a-utiful!

So what did I learn? That so many times we waste alot of time and money trying to make and mould and shape ourselves into something God has already created us to be.

You don’t have to do anything extra to be beautiful. Just embrace who you really REALLY are and I bet you will soon see what somebody else probably already has…..

A beautiful, amazing, brilliant and wonderful you! Naturally!

Love it, you’re totally worth it.

Still enjoying my beautiful curls and my now super healthy hair, lata days, keep it real


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