Wash n Go Success

I really love the whole wash n go aspect of my hair. I love the curls and ringlets and yes, even the shrinkage.

But! As a rule I don’t do WnG’s often. My hair hates it or I’m doing something wrong.
I’ve read that its actually supposed to be a good way to retain length because it should be either low maintenance or low manipulation. 
Not for me.
If I do a wash n go and go to sleep without detangling and either twisting or braiding it up, I am guaranteed insanely vicious tangles and breakage whenever I do decide to do anything else to it.

It breaks my heart. Especially since I have fine or little hair and it takes some creative protective styles to not walk around looking scalpy. Wash n go’s should be my saving grace. Its not. So I stay away.
I’m actually hoping someone will read this and tell me ‘girl, you’re just doing it wrong!’

Anyhow, back to my story. Yesterday I decided to do a wash n go for church. My decision was based on not wanting to be controlled by my hair issues. Life is too short!

I know there are many techniques out there on how to achieve the perfect WnG but in my humble opinon it should not be as complicated as all that.

A wash n go should be just that. Wash your hair. Then go.
Now I realise there is a lot of factors that come into play for different people. Mostly based on texture, curl pattern and moisture levels. Perhaps some could say I’m lucky in mine but still it shouldn’t be a stressed over issue.

I have been there though. Tried different methods and products all in the name of seeking perfection.
But yesterday, I threw caution to the wind in more ways than one. Firstly, I kinda prepoo’d. With amla oil. Only because my little girl managed to empty about a quarter of a bottle on the bathroom floor.
I say kinda because all I did was put on as much oil on my hair. That’s it. No plastic cap or anything.
I left it on for quite a while. Overnight in fact. Then yesterday morning I washed my hair in the shower after giving it a good soaking/rinsing.
Instead of my normal conditioning routine I applied coconut oil generously, left it on while I washed myself then detangled and rinsed my hair with warmer than cool water.
I put it in two braids and squeezed out as much water as I could with my hands.
After about 20 – 30 minutes my hair was still quite damp. I loosened it (didn’t want a braid out after all) and left it to do its thing.


And that was it. I added some decor and was ready to go.

I actually took the pic to show my only natural friend my growth as well as highlight shrinkage. Wish I had another to show my curls. Hopefully next time.

Sadly, last night was a twisting event as anything else would hav resulted in a mess of tangles this morning. I am now sporting some quite wild looking two-strand twists.
Wild looking because I didn’t do them in any particular style or pattern.  I’m basically stretching my curls so I can either cornrow or bun them up.

Till next time.
Thanks for popping in!

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