Just what I was gonna say 😉

I found this nugget of wisdom on a facebook page called Texture Me Natural…enjoy!

Texture Me Natural
Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a gift… talents. It’s that thing you
can do that comes as easy as breathing. And you love it. Some people
have a love for cleaning. They like to stay organized and it relaxes them.
Some people love to cook. They cook for the entire neighborhood. Some
people love to read. They read to small groups at the library or to the
elderly at the nursing home. It’s that thing that warms your heart and
brings a smile to your face. Use your talents. Don’t sit on them. Don’t
hang them in the closet thinking that they’re going to get too small or
you’re going to outgrow them. It’s not going to happen. There is
someone out there who needs your gifts. Bless them with it. ~TJ”

Lata days…

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