First Sight: Her name was Diego…

Her name was Diego. He was actually a she. She was eventually named Donn-Ray Leigh.

I spoke to her long before I laid eyes on her, whilst she grew in her mother’s womb. Diego we called her because an ultrasound had said she was a boy. Diego I called her while her mother endured an enduced labour and she took her own time coming out.

When she eventually made her appearance into this world, I was so surprised I told the sister who delivered her there must be a mistake! Realising, moments later, that it was a silly response when I had just witnessed the baby being born. As if, without needing a supernatural hand, we could ‘return-to-sender’.

Yet there she was. The girl I had been calling Diego. At first sight…. New. Pink. Female. Tall. And oh so Precious!

She stood for the first time right there on her mommy’s tummy. Minutes old and asserting herself with no problems at all.

That was one year and nine months ago and she continues to wow me with her strength, wit and intelligence.

I love everything about her. Especially the way she wakes up with the sweetest smile one her face.

She is beautiful, unique and a complete blessing to me. My pretty little Donn-Ray Leigh…..