Movies again… Watching Precious

After much thought I decided to watch the movie, Precious, again.

What strikes me most is that people, human beings, have the capacity to hurt their own.

I am becoming increasingly aware of how much mankind thinks of themselves as individuals when infact, in the grand scheme of things, we are relatively insignificant.

About to go to bed and I do so with gratitude that God’s amazing love heals ALL.

I know I’d be completely lost and damaged if not for grace.

Much love… :-*

Movie inspirations….

Just spent the afternoon watching the ageless classic: Gone With The Wind … for the first time 🙂

I am a self confessed romantic through and through and this movie hits the spot for sure.

It also got me thinking…
So often, without realising it, we lose out on the valuable, meaningful relationships in life because we’re sooooooo busy wanting something that doesn’t actually exist. Something that we’ve conjured from what society, our parents, novels and movies (to name a few) has provided us with.

This, I believe, is the reason for most messed up relationships.

Makes me sad…. 😦 life is too short to waste it on chasing after someone else’s ideal

Lata days my peeps :-*