Love genuinely

From YOUR marriage is your FIRST Ministry:

“Love Genuinely”
Love is easy when you get in the habit of operating in it, because then it
will flow even when you are not aware of it. Don’t close down on love. It
doesn’t hurt, people do that to one another. Love helps…..”love is
patient, love is kind, love is felt most when it’s genuine!”.
~Mr Diggs

Sweetly uplifting ….


From the Real Proposal Magazine:

“My beauty is not limited to my
looks or the way I walk. It’s not my body or my
hair that defines me. Don’t judge me by my
looks, my clothes or the way I wear my hair. My
intelligence is not limited to my degrees or my
education level. Don’t make assumptions about
me by looking at my income, my house or my
life style. I cannot be defined by all these.

Judge me by the love and compassion I have in
my heart. Find the beauty in the way I smile
when I hide my scars and overcome my pain.
Define me by my capacity to endure pain and
my passion to survive despite all the odds in
my life. Judge me by the way I treat people
around me and the way I touch so many hearts
with my unconditional love.

My life is not glorious but it’s not awful or
pathetic. I may not have a great influence on
people I meet but I’m unique in my own special
ways even with my flaws and imperfections.
And if this is not enough you can define me by
the footprints of love that I will leave behind in
the hearts of people when I am dead and gone.
I am proud of what I am.” ~ Aarti Khurana

All things parenting…..

Watching something today reminded me of something else I feel quite strongly about too…

As a parent you know you always want to give your offspring the very best that you can possibly give them.
But many people translate this into giving children the best clothes, toys, etc.
However, this day and age sees so many children grow up way too fast and with way too little manners.

Characters are left to be shaped by what society provides them with and providing them with the latest technology, so-called freedom paired with so-called privacy.

But, we forget that, while we may not have had the best toys or the most money growing up, we learnt valuable lessons that have moulded us into outstanding people.

Discipline has been given a back seat for fear of having children abused. Sadly.
Do not misunderstand me, I don’t condone abuse in any form but my mother…she knew how to give it to me straight. With her mouth and with her hand. And because of it, I am a beautiful person inside and out.

My mother raised me by herself. We learnt how to get by with a little while being thankful all the same. And when we received anything more, I learnt to value it that much more.
Most of us were taught to work hard and earn what we wanted. And when we got it, we knew how to look after it.

These are the priceless lessons of life that we need to pass on to our children, these are the legacies we need to leave behind for them.

As parents lets not focus on giving our children what we didn’t have at the cost of depriving them of what we did…

Lata days ….:)

Purposed…..that’s YOU!


It’s true, we were created and now exist for a very specific goal, aim or purpose.

And so often we believe the lie that we are not.
How have you believed the lie? By not doing what you have been called to do.

Now I know most of us may not know what exactly that purpose may be. And that’s ok. What’s not ok is going through life as if you are a purposeless bit of fresh, sinew and bone…

So, today, walk in the realisation that your very existence is not accidental, not by any means….You have purpose. Live it!

Later days my peoples;)

Power in words


Found this quote quite inspiring and I wanted to share it with you.

Many times we don’t realise that the words we write or speak have the power to change things, people, situations radically!

So, especially to all my fellow bloggers/writers, you have in your possession a gift that you can use to impact the world. What better way to leave a legacy?

This is another one of my passions….leaving a legacy.

Have you thought about it yet? Leaving something behind that will transcend the barriers of time and impact people for generations to come. I have.
Not just money or a building or company. Something that will become an institution!
So, I have determined that, not only will I write, but I will be written about….

And my life will leave an impression on someone.  So much so that it will b lasting….echoing into time and space. Forever changing a course or pattern and only ever for the right

It’s a scary thought don’t you think though…..what are you leaving behind for those who will follow or succeed you?