Thankful Thursday on a Friday morning…Why not?

I recently read a fellow blogger’s post that she dedicated to her best friend. She compiled a list of 20 things that her bestie has taught her. (see her post )

It has inspired me to do something similar.

Invaluable Lessons Learnt From A Friend

My only friend is a guy. I consider him to be one of my soul mates. Yes, I believe you can have more than one. I believe I have two. And yes, I don’t think it has anything to do with romance.

(more of my view on that : )

I have learnt so much from him. In ways I didn’t think were viable.

  • I’ve learnt that soul mates aren’t always designed to be your spouse.
  • That it is possible to live without letting anger govern any of your actions, not even an outburst of any kind.
  • I learnt the value of having someone that you can go to with anything and trust that they will NEVER judge you.
  • He has taught me that you don’t have to react to everything people say or do to you.
  • He has taught me the value of having a kindred soul to connect with.
  • I have seen the value of open communication in any relationship because of the one I have with him.
  • I’ve learnt that just because it is possible to have this kind of relationship with him doesn’t mean there are others I can have the same type of relationship with. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  • He has made me aware of the power of affirmation.
  • And that there is immense value in having someone who gives it to you straight.
  • I have learnt that not everybody will use what you have confided in them as a weapon. I needed to learn that one, people are, or rather, can be quite terrible sometimes.
  • That it is possible to live truly selflessly.
  • That friendship is the space that allows you to share physical space with someone without saying a word and emerge from it feeling refreshed and grateful.
  • And that it is perfectly ok to disagree vigorously. It does not change the dynamic of a solid relationship. In fact it should make it stronger.
  • I’ve learnt to appreciate early morning coffees, milky tea, double-decker sarmies, late night movies, the discovery channel, chocolate-stoney get-togethers, listening to music in the dark and silent drives to beautiful places.
  • One of the best things I’ve been taught from my bestie is that sometimes what I think I need is not what I need at all. It’s comforting to know that there is someone out there who sees through me well enough to do, for me, what I need most at the exact time I need it

The thought of losing him used to panic me, but we have evolved beautifully. We love without regrets and that means being grateful for what we have been gifted with and being content with it. He has invaded my space in ways I did not know was possible while respecting me all at the same time. (His response to that particular line would be…”it’s not invading if the space is already yours”.)

More than a few times people have suggested that we are biased in our relating to each other. My response to them – no one else would be able to handle how direct we are with each other. They don’t want to.

I always think about that. People don’t often truly appreciate that kind of direct interaction. They stumble and get offended and give you the cold shoulder.

I am the kind of soul who really appreciates genuine people. People, who without an ounce of nastiness, will tell me the truth about anything, who won’t hide behind what society has taught them “is just not done that way”, who don’t have a hidden agenda, who won’t fake their help or love or like or dislike or anger or sadness. I have found very few people in my days on this earth that can do that.

I think it’s because there are so many souls out there who are easily offended because they have claimed a right to not be treated a certain way. They think in lines of not deserving certain treatment and won’t accept anything sub-standard. I am not saying we are worth nothing and deserve to be trashed in any way. I am saying, there is a bigger picture. People like Ghandi, Jesus, the apostles, various cultures and races, have suffered and have been tortured and killed for effecting changes I only dream of now. They definitely didn’t deserve the treatment they got. But they did not allow it to make them back down from what they were passionate about. Why should we?

My friend, only by God’s grace, has made me aware of all of this and so much more. I miss him dearly.

I am grateful.


Thankful Thursday: Another list…

Brownie in a cup (yes again)

An opportunity to spend time watching my little girl play in a blow up pool for the first time.

A man who decided to make lunch for me

Having my man at home for the holidays

A new hair care regimen that seems like it could actually work

New found confidence only made possible by my King

Angry Birds 🙂

The hope of new job opportunities

We have much to be grateful for. It’s weird, for me, to have to actually think about what I am thankful for each week. Makes me feel a bit guilty. Truth is, the things I am thankful for don’t often change much. But I am truly grateful for them. Having my husband go out and work for me and our daughter each day is something that takes my breath away. All the time. He looks after us so well and I count myself privileged to be able to call myself his wife. Many women never get to experience what I do on a daily basis. And I am honoured.

Another thing I stay amazed at is the blessing of having someone to speak to who truly gets what I am saying. They listen without prejudice or judgement and they aren’t afraid to tell me when I am wrong. And when I speak, I don’t have to explain myself in excess.

Isn’t it strange how people think they have the right to judge you just because they think they know you?  Ok, I know, that had nothing to do with my list or reasons for posting today. But it has made me incredibly grateful for what I have in my only human friend.

I know many may never experience what I have and it always boils down to just one thing…. God loves me. Now I love Him with my life.

Thankful Thursday: In not Of

Just quick post to express gratitude for the truth.

I am in this world and thankfully not of it and that gives me reason to be grateful.
A couple of years ago I fell headlong into a state of depression.
Most of it fuelled by the wicked nature of what this world was dishing out. Not only to me, but also to the innocent and helpless.
Life was not fair. It still isn’t.

But I am grateful that I have  received a new hope for a new life where justice reigns. 

This world is not my home. I’m just passing through. While I do, I am thankful for the strength and wisdom this journey affords me.
Thankful that while I am in it I am not of it.

So doing, I strive to embrace each challenge because it brings me closer to my hometown and my Abba

Soulful Saturday: A Little Praise, Worship & Thanksgiving

My soul magnifies the Lord!
My heart joys in the God of my salvation
I will sing and dance in the presence of my Saviour
For He is mighty
For He is worthy
Great and awesome is the Lord our God
He is mighty to save, heal and deliver
He is indescribable
Great in battle
Great in wonder
All of creation bows in awe

I stand in awe of You
In awe of Your greatness and Your wondrous love
I love You Abba because You loved me first
You took me as I am
Without question as to my many faults and failures
You inspire me to love and worship with reckless abandon
I will extol Thee oh God
You are rock
You are my Defender
I have nothing if I do not have You
Each day I am overwhelmed by Your everlasting love towards me
Oh that I may dwell in Your house forevermore
Your love has perfected me

Thank You for loving me
Thank You for justifying me
Thank You for Your awesome Grace and Your perfect mercy
Thank You for thinking of me
Thank You for being just
Thank You for being real with me

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Inspired and Loved

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An’Arresting’ Quote

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can.
-Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

That hits the spot for me… wholesome food for thought

Inspired and Loved

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Thankful Thursday: Inspiration & Encouragement

I found this post  by a fellow “inspirational” and was pleasantly surprised.

Its called The Road to Love by Full of Roses Inspirationals and the way its written makes me feel as though the writer has taken a peek into my heart, seen some of the painful experiences there. Then they followed a link to my mind where questions and thoughts continue to buzz around each other like birds, butterflies and beez courting with pollen-laden flowers.

It reminds me to be grateful that somebody gets it. That I’m not alone in the kind of things I’ve experienced. That, contrary to what some people have said, I am not being selfish or self-absorbed in recognising God’s love as the first and the last in the matter.

I love Him because He loved me first.  I love others because its what His love for me has taught me to do. And in all this loving and hurting and rejecting I have learnt that its ok not to be loved exactly the same in return. Love rewards itself.

I am thankful that God uses people for people and in this case that He uses them and their experiences to encourage and inspire me daily.

Inspired and Loved

What’s the deal with soul mates?

Is it just me or is there a lot of hype around finding your soul mate and marrying them?

I think the definition of this term is quite tricky. So many believe its about romance.
Not me.

I once found a quote I believe adequately addresses the matter. It says… What is a friend? One soul in two bodies.
That made complete sense to me. I am privileged enough to have found my soul mate something like 16 years ago. What’s more is its a male and I am married, but not to him.

What sparked this particular post is a question I came across on Facebook asking whether or not soul mates are a biblical concept.

My initial response was no. Simply because I don’t recall ever coming across a scripture discussing soul mates as such.
My next thought was that most of the people who were commenting were under the impression it had to do with who you marry or are meant to marry.  This lead to some interesting answers. As well as my conclusion that there is a need for a proper definition if an adequate answer is to be given.

So I pondered for a little while…
If being a soul mate had nothing to do with being a predestined spouse, what exactly could I call it?

My answer: someone who is more than a friend. Closer and more connected. No. Not your bff.

Almost immediately after I came to that conclusion I found an answer to the original question posed…

Proverbs 18 : 24b – There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother…

Sounds like a soul mate to me… whats more is, it is possible to have more than one.

What do you think?

Inspired and Loved

We Are All Snowflakes

All of us are connected in some or other way.

Whether by close or very distant bloodline is not for this post right now.

We are all connected in that everything we do has a effect on something or somebody else.

The awesome thing for me about this is the extent of that effect. What I am doing right now is affecting billions of created things. It could be in both good or bad ways… and I believe if we knew exactly how we affected others it would change the way we do things drastically. We might be more compassionate or less lenient.
We might make the time to play with our toddlers before they grow up forever.
We might dance without music or fight the urge for a fourth scoop of Rocky Road ice cream.

Imagine the changes that would bring to the way we interact with each other. 

There’d be no litter and no poverty and no global warming.

Closer to home…. I think we’d b so much kinder.

(Unless you’re just plain ole nasty. In which case..  do let me know if you need help with that 😀 love still changes  things.)

We’re all snowflakes.  Made of the same thing but unique in awesome ways.

I love that ♥

Inspired and Loved

A Quick Rant

I do not get it.

When people do things they have no right to do under the guise of doing it ‘for your good’ its not always true is it?

Sometimes its just because they could be control freaks.  (Freak is a good word in my book by the way)
Sometimes its because they are projecting their own will or desires onto you.

I hate when people abuse their power.  I hate it because its unjust.  Its almost like rape. A rape of the mind, or rather of your right to make decisions on the journey that is actually your own life. Not theirs.
I hate it because it is not fair and because not fair equals being unjust.

What’s always fascinating to me is that these people actually find some poor weakish soul to be unjust to. There’s always someone they can mould and shape into what they want themselves. 

It can be so debilitating. 
And that just makes me feel so sad for people like that. Both parties.

Why can’t we actually let love be our guide. It would work so much better.

Inspired and Loved