Love gave me Life

6 months ago I watched a man do something only a man could do…
I watched him do what other men would also do had they too given themselves away with reckless abandonment….
I watched him twitch with unease, I watched him with silent glee… he was doing what I know he’s been created for…doing what only a surrendered soul could do…he heeded the call of his Master and escalated to a place I know no other has been.
I’ve watched him for these six months, noting subtle, significant changes.
And though I never thought it quite possible, I’ve loved him more

So now as I think back, ponder and think ahead about this truly phenomenal vessel I call my soul mate, this first husband of mine, this friend, teacher, confidant, tempering tool and yes, so much more – I wish to wish him well…

So… dearheart, dearling, somh and above all my term of endearment … as we venture ever forward, ever excited about whatever the next forever may bring, I wish you more than good, I wish you well, I wish you right and I wish you perfection.

Matthew, Mizen, Singa… stay in-God always…