We All Have The Same Story To Tell

We all have the same story to tell….

It hit me, like the soft slap of an ocean wave. While I am totally and completely passionate about each of us being individuals and being individually special and unique, I have heard it said that it is exactly that truth that makes us all the same. I didn’t quite agree. I still don’t.

But if you think about it, really think about it, we can’t be. Can we?

Take, for example, your typically not so typical single mother of two. She has to work and take care of her two children with or without the help of their father. He might be there, might not be there, might be there financially or might be there physically. At the end of the day, she has to take care of them, whether he pitches or not. When her babies are sick, upset, happy, angry or whatever else, she has the ‘honour’ and task of taking care of them.

Next, let’s look at the married mother of two. She may or may not have a job. However, I can tell you from personal experience, it makes very little difference. She still has to take care of her babies. It is her primary responsibility. If she stays home it’s highly likely that she gets up the same the time as her working equivalent. And having a husband might mean exactly the same thing as for the single mother.

Another story we could look at is the young girl who spends her entire young life a tad bit too chubby for society’s liking. She has to fight through life’s emotional trials often without any support at all. An almost identical story exists for the young girl who finds herself a tad bit too skinny for the likes of society. The result – each of them spending a whole lot of time wishing they lived the other’s life without realising that it only equals the sadness they already live.

My life’s walk has afforded me the opportunity to see many other examples of the above stories. Still I notice in each one of them, whether happy or sad, healthy or sick, weak or strong… a common truth. We are all loved enough to die for. (I’m not sure that sounds right to you, but believe me, it’s true) We all possess an element of significance, a unique aspect that gives us the fragrance of importance and value. We all hold, within us, the inherent ability to be amazing and irreplaceable to someone somewhere. We all have a beginning, middle and an ending.

If you are alive today, the tale you tell is remarkably mirrored by my own while at the same time being remarkably diverse.

We all have the same story to tell, what makes us infinitely different… is the words we use.


Do what you NEED to do!

Ann Thomas – Author and Speaker wrote this on her facebook page.

I love it!

“There is a SONG of worship that is locked up in your belly waiting to be released.

It’s a sound that is like no other sound.
It’s music to God’s ears and it is uniquely your sound.

No one else can sing your song. And each day God patiently waits for you to come into His presence and sing to Him.

When you don’t show up, it doesn’t get sung.”

peace to you