Soulful Saturday: Put God First Already!

I have come across too many people who seem to be fitting God into their lives instead of the other way around. 

I’ve been through a lot in my walk with God. And I’m here to say…  it is possible.
Absolutely possible.
To put God and His will for your life first and, at the same time, be all you need to be for your family and career and whatever else melts your butter.

I mention this because I’ve heard and seen too many people use their family or work life as an excuse not to walk worthy of the vocation God has called them to.

They lay claim to ministries and declare all they want to do is please God. They say how much they love doing this or that for God.
Yet, when it matters most, they choose something and someone else instead of stepping up to the calling God has placed on them.

At the end of the day its all about being real with yourself and realising what’s actually important to YOU.

That’s what it is isn’t it? Instead of saying God comes first and having your actions say something else…you could be real and match your words to your actions.

Say it out loud.
My career is more important than being sent to the nations.
My family, my spouse, my girl/boyfriend, my children come before my mandate to pray.
What I look like and what I do when I sing or dance is more important than the One I’m supposedly doing it for…

Maybe then you can get to doing and living what’s important, that which is vital, that which is life giving-period.

Be truthful with yourself about yourself

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Inspired and Loved

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Soulful Saturday: A Little Praise, Worship & Thanksgiving

My soul magnifies the Lord!
My heart joys in the God of my salvation
I will sing and dance in the presence of my Saviour
For He is mighty
For He is worthy
Great and awesome is the Lord our God
He is mighty to save, heal and deliver
He is indescribable
Great in battle
Great in wonder
All of creation bows in awe

I stand in awe of You
In awe of Your greatness and Your wondrous love
I love You Abba because You loved me first
You took me as I am
Without question as to my many faults and failures
You inspire me to love and worship with reckless abandon
I will extol Thee oh God
You are rock
You are my Defender
I have nothing if I do not have You
Each day I am overwhelmed by Your everlasting love towards me
Oh that I may dwell in Your house forevermore
Your love has perfected me

Thank You for loving me
Thank You for justifying me
Thank You for Your awesome Grace and Your perfect mercy
Thank You for thinking of me
Thank You for being just
Thank You for being real with me

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Overcome with thankfulness daily. What an awesome thing.
Overcome and so overwhelmed that you cannot contain your thanksgiving.

I was watching a music video called O The Blood sung by Kari Jobe and Gateway Worship. And it happened. The overwhelming.
That awe-inspiring realisation that God knew every thing I could do wrong in my whole, entire life.
He knew how many times I would deny Him.
The amount of times I would disobey.
Every single time I would “forget” to pray or praise or worship or give thanks.

Still He died for me
Still He defends me
Still He communes with me
Still He inspires me daily
Still He remains faithful
Still He loves me

Now I sit here and wonder……. Imagine that everyday, I could remember, with vivid clarity, what He did and keeps doing for me.
Imagine that everyday, I find myself beyond moved with love and thanksgiving for what was done for me.

How would that change me? How would that change my day? How would it change what I do, what I experience and even how I react to whatever may come my way…

Inspired and Loved

Do what you NEED to do!

Ann Thomas – Author and Speaker wrote this on her facebook page.

I love it!

“There is a SONG of worship that is locked up in your belly waiting to be released.

It’s a sound that is like no other sound.
It’s music to God’s ears and it is uniquely your sound.

No one else can sing your song. And each day God patiently waits for you to come into His presence and sing to Him.

When you don’t show up, it doesn’t get sung.”

peace to you