Incredibly Tired

It is unreal the way I feel right now

Is it possible to think yourself tired? Because I think that’s what’s happening here.

Millions and trillions of thoughts and calculations mulling about in my mind. Thoughts of family lost and friends never made. Special attention paid to who’s to blame.

Lots of varying scenarios being plot over and over.

And it all happens incredibly fast!

I have a sort of intolerance to people who say one thing but live another. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they may do. I value the company of someone who is not afraid to show me who they actually are. No games or tricks. That takes courage
That takes strength

My brain is going to fizzle out soon.

I love that I serve a God who is able to turn it around.

That Which Is True


As my minutes turn into hours turn into days turn into weeks… you get the gist… I am made increasingly aware of the significance, the vitality of truth.
Especially the truth of self.

Realising who you actually are is life-giving in itself and you can only do so by recognizing and accepting who God has created you to be.

One of the saddest ways we can ever inflict pain on ourselves is by lying to ourselves about ourselves.

Accept and love who you are.
It is only then that you can make a decision that will effect positive, significant and lasting change in the wonderful essence that is you!

Inspired and Loved

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