Beauty Tip: Heels #1

Disclaimer-I mean this in the best possible way. No snark or judgement intended.

So, I keep noticing people’s heels. Or rather, people who have cracked and dry heels.
Why? Because they are wearing backless shoes or sandals. Don’t do it. Please. It actually makes it worse.

It’s so important to take care of your heels. If you don’t the cracks can become cuts and get infected and painful.

I used to think that keeping my heels healthy and soft looking would require a lot of work, time or effort. This sort of bugged me.
Let’s face it. Who has much time nowadays?

But I have found a way that works for me and maybe it will for you too.

This works only when done regularly. That could mean daily and up to every third day to be effective.  You will have to check and see what works for you.

Chances are your feet are a bit tired. If so, add some salt, preferably coarse, to the water.

I soak my feet in warm water with coconut oil added to it.
The addition of coconut oil seems to add to the softening power in this technique.

I never time how long I soak because I do it based on when any excess skin gets nice and soft. Then I scrape off the softened skin to reveal smooth footsies.
Don’t scrape excessively to avoid getting to healthy skin involved which can be painful.

Apply a thick moisturizer, some coconut oil or petroleum jelly to seal in moisture. 
A good way to maximise on the experience is to put on socks after so its best to do this at night before you go and sleep.

When I do this regularly I get to enjoy lovely looking footsies in any kind of shoe.

Hope it works for you