What a Wednesday!

Today, with the help of God, I kept it together really well in the face of what could have been a terrible loss.

It was so hot, still is actually.
But in the midst of crises, a potty training setback and looking after all our animals I found some solidity in trying my hand at ravioli!

Needless to say practise makes perfect and I need some practise!

Below… a pic of my very tasty attempt at ravioli (my own homemade pasta of course) filled with fresh made ricotta and blue cheese, fried quickly in garlic, butter and thyme. I added some ricotta on top.
Delicious and creamy. Definitely worth doing again.


Embrace life. All too soon yours may be over.

Inspired and Loved

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Thankful Thursday: Rainy days

I really get inspired by rainy days…

Most often, to cook. So today my mission to use up my leftover ricotta has come to an end.

Ladies and gentlemen…I give to you… chocolate ricotta pancakes drenched in a ginger syrup and the fluffiest scrambled eggs I have ever tasted.


Its been so dry where we live and God has graced with refreshing showers since last night. I’m also thankful for days like these that really get my creative cooking juices flowing.

The pancakes are adapted slightly from Nigella’s recipe forย  Ricotta Hotcakes
I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Its been wholesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Inspired and Loved

What to do Wednesday…

I make ricotta cheese. From scratch.  Its very gratifying to know I can actually do that.

So earlier this week I discovered some milk going bad and decided to make a batch. Its my creamiest batch ever!

But it was also my biggest and for some reason I can’t seem to use it up. Normally I would make cheesecake.  But I need lemon juice. And I’m not about to drive to the shop just for lemon juice. So now I have this ricotta that needs using and today I endeavour to use it. Well most of it anyway. Before it goes bad.

My first offering to ricotta day is a sandwich. I buttered two slices of bread on both sides. Then I mixed some ricotta and green mango pickle (a gift from my new Durban souls) including some of the pickling juices. After slathering this delicious mixture onto the bread I toasted the sarmie in a griddle pan. Delicious and yummy goodness!

Writing this, I realise I should have taken a picture for the blog. Oops!

It went down really well.

Later I may attempt ricotta eggs or even pancakes…. hopefully I remember to take a pic then…

Later days ๐Ÿ˜€

Inspired and Loved