Soulful Saturday: A Little Praise, Worship & Thanksgiving

My soul magnifies the Lord!
My heart joys in the God of my salvation
I will sing and dance in the presence of my Saviour
For He is mighty
For He is worthy
Great and awesome is the Lord our God
He is mighty to save, heal and deliver
He is indescribable
Great in battle
Great in wonder
All of creation bows in awe

I stand in awe of You
In awe of Your greatness and Your wondrous love
I love You Abba because You loved me first
You took me as I am
Without question as to my many faults and failures
You inspire me to love and worship with reckless abandon
I will extol Thee oh God
You are rock
You are my Defender
I have nothing if I do not have You
Each day I am overwhelmed by Your everlasting love towards me
Oh that I may dwell in Your house forevermore
Your love has perfected me

Thank You for loving me
Thank You for justifying me
Thank You for Your awesome Grace and Your perfect mercy
Thank You for thinking of me
Thank You for being just
Thank You for being real with me

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Inspired and Loved

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Thankful Tuesday

God knows exactly how to bless us and bless us indeed.

At the start of this month I was very sure of how things would go down for us as a family. One week in I found myself quite mistaken because God had already done His part without me knowing.

I always testify how God is always working things out for our good. Most times He does it in the background.  Without us seeing, hearing or knowing about it at all.
However, I will be the first to admit, when u are in the situation it’s very easy to forget all of the above in a split second.

But this week God has reminded me… He is my Source. And no one will ever have my back the way He does.

Psalm 66:1 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands!

God has no use for my noisy complaining or anger or even my noisy silences.
He deserves my joyful noise.
I will rejoice.
He is worthy.

Inspired and Loved