Today’s Thoughts

Today I went to church twice. Both times to pray. It was a sweltering heat that accompanied me to and fro. Still it always feels good to spend time with the brethren.

I feel a bit sad tonight though. Some people I know are going through some rough patches in their lives.
Rough things are a part of life in general.  I have no problem with that. What makes this sad to me is that their rough patch is because of the way someone handled them.

We develop thicker ‘skins’ every time we get beaten. Every lashing, every stabbing, every bruising session creates callouses on our hearts and souls. And then we are most likely the ones who need to work with great diligence to smooth away these tell tale signs of abuse. Painstakingly soothing away discolouration. Patching up the wounds. The wounds other people have inflicted for reasons unbeknownst to us.

Makes me cry.  I hate injustice. 
That’s why its vital to me to stay linked to the God who rights all wrongs. I simply wouldn’t be able to bear living in this world otherwise.

Just wanted to share mu supper wuth you. Making pasta has proven to be very therapeutic.  Especially when you end up with futtucine and a bolognese sauce like in the pic. I topped it with some blue stilton cheese.



Wish my bestie had been here to share it with me. Mayb one day hey!

Inspired and Loved

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Blessed to Forget

I wish I could lose some of my memory

There are many lessons we learn in life as we grow older. Most of them involve various kinds of pain. At least mine did.
People hurt you whether they want to or not. Most often the deepest wounds afflicted will be from the ones you hold closest to your heart.

I have been blessed with a vivid imagination. It enables me to do a great many things in my mind 🙂
One of them, however, is reliving the past in sordid detail.
I’ve learnt so much from the painful experiences in life.

Now, all I want is to be blessed with forgetfulness.  I want to forget the pain and the detail.

All I want left is the lessons learnt.

What use is remembering the rest?

Inspired and Loved