Thankful Thursday: Freedom. Liberty.

First, I am so tired these days its unreal. I think its due the heat we experience here. Yet people tell me it gets worse. So soon I may do nothing but lay infront of a fan and drink litres and litres of water. …reminds me of my time spent in Indonesia. .. but that’s something for another post.

Today, I express thanks for freedom from relationships that stifle and constrict. The kind that inspires to act like someone you are not.
I believe not every one does it knowingly but its still a blessing to be freed from it. To look back and see where you have been and realize that it was a terrible place. That even the actions you took weren’t a part of you at all. That where you are now is much better than then.

I’ve been freed
I’ve been set at liberty

Now I live.

Today’s Thoughts

Today I went to church twice. Both times to pray. It was a sweltering heat that accompanied me to and fro. Still it always feels good to spend time with the brethren.

I feel a bit sad tonight though. Some people I know are going through some rough patches in their lives.
Rough things are a part of life in general.  I have no problem with that. What makes this sad to me is that their rough patch is because of the way someone handled them.

We develop thicker ‘skins’ every time we get beaten. Every lashing, every stabbing, every bruising session creates callouses on our hearts and souls. And then we are most likely the ones who need to work with great diligence to smooth away these tell tale signs of abuse. Painstakingly soothing away discolouration. Patching up the wounds. The wounds other people have inflicted for reasons unbeknownst to us.

Makes me cry.  I hate injustice. 
That’s why its vital to me to stay linked to the God who rights all wrongs. I simply wouldn’t be able to bear living in this world otherwise.

Just wanted to share mu supper wuth you. Making pasta has proven to be very therapeutic.  Especially when you end up with futtucine and a bolognese sauce like in the pic. I topped it with some blue stilton cheese.



Wish my bestie had been here to share it with me. Mayb one day hey!

Inspired and Loved

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Awesome Highways

Its a highway. But not a highway as you know it.
This highway is small in comparison to many others.
But its no less busy than highways you have seen.

What is a highway anyway? Isn’t it just a way called high because of large amounts of traffic pulsing through each day?
Its normally wide and long to accomodate the to and fro.

However, the highway I speak of today is the street I live on. While it gets its fair share of motoring traffic, what makes it a highway to me are the people.

Everyday they pass me by. Soldiers marching to a drumbeat.
Each soldier moving to a drumbeat of his or her own. Here comes one now. Its a young lady in white and green. She wears a backpack. Her drumbeat: school and parents. She seems ok with it all. I try not to stare as she walks by. She will learn well I hope. So that she can continue marching on. Day by day.

Another soldier approaches. He is not alone.  His troop marches to the dreambeat of a security firm not too far from my home. Its a different sound and they add to it with bass and tenor. Their voices are all I hear for a while. My eyes have closed, so as to savour it all. Good thing they don’t know I am watching. It might appear very strange.

Another company of soldiers are passing by. More of them in this troop. Younger and more energetic. Their drumbeat dsn’t make itself clear to me. But I can see they know each other. Comrades in arms they jibe and jostle each other along.

These are but a few of the soldiers that pass me each day. A handful of the whole.
Some quiet and others rowdy.  All of them represent the same thing.  One word echoes through my home. The highway screams it at me all day: LIFE

Inspired and Loved

Dear Dream Reader….

Thinking about who my dream reader could be took quite a while.

At first I had no idea then I had to many ideas.
So I looked at pictures for inspiration. And there it was ….or rather they were

My dream readers are the would-be judges and jurists in this world. People in general have a right to, and most feel free to share, their opinions.

Most times, I have come across some souls who think that having an opinion also equals having authority.  But they don’t.  Only I have the authority to make decisions in my own life.
Many a time I have been confronted by people who think they have the right to tell me what to do. I don’t believe any of us have that right. We are gifted with the opportunity to have a platform in the lives of many. A further aspect of that gift is to realise it places us in an advisory capacity.

I always say, I welcome your advice but know that it is just that. Advice. I will take it into consideration when I make my decision.

So, herewith,  some advice from me… things will be much more pleasant when we all realise our levels of authority.  When we can advise without feeling personally rejected when the advice is not taken.

I am, essentially, responsible for every action I take or even don’t take. Whatever goes right or wrong will be borne by me. So give me the space to do so consciously.
So that I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself if things go wrong.

How will I grow if you never allow me to even flex my wings?

Inspired and Loved

Step Up. Do It Right

Life is heavy-duty. 

Let’s all accept captaincy of our own ships. Realizing exactly how great a vessel God has created us to be. As captain we can accept the map God provides. As captain we can allow Him to take us where ever He sees fit. Your life is a ship that has set sail on the ocean called the universe.

Don’t get stuck.

Sinking is not an option.

COnquer, discover, live…. brave unknown waters.

Accept God’s plan for your life.

God never takes you where He has not prepared a way.


Doing It On Purpose

“But his delight and desire are in the law of the Lord, and on His law (the precepts, the instructions, the teachings of God) he habitually meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.”
~Psalm 1:2 (amp)

I read something this week that reminded me of this scripture and made me look at it slightly different.

Normally my desire and longing is for meditation, prayer and communion with God to be apart of my everyday life. I have endeavoured to always be led by my Saviour in all things as well.

However, revisiting this verse has made me think….
How much more essence and substance can I add to my relationship with the Lover of my soul by visiting with Him ANY time, ANY place for no other reason than to do it on PURPOSE. Imagine habitually studying, meditating and pondering on the Bishop of my soul. Not because I’m used to it but because I need Him so much and long for Him so much that I just have to have more.

Wow that brings a huge smile to my face and my heart.
It has me smiling all the way into my liver.

So, that’s what I’m about to do. I’m excited about the new aspects this will add and had to share it.

Maybe, just mayb, you could join me as I live on purpose.

Let me know, ok?
Later days 🙂

We All Have The Same Story To Tell

We all have the same story to tell….

It hit me, like the soft slap of an ocean wave. While I am totally and completely passionate about each of us being individuals and being individually special and unique, I have heard it said that it is exactly that truth that makes us all the same. I didn’t quite agree. I still don’t.

But if you think about it, really think about it, we can’t be. Can we?

Take, for example, your typically not so typical single mother of two. She has to work and take care of her two children with or without the help of their father. He might be there, might not be there, might be there financially or might be there physically. At the end of the day, she has to take care of them, whether he pitches or not. When her babies are sick, upset, happy, angry or whatever else, she has the ‘honour’ and task of taking care of them.

Next, let’s look at the married mother of two. She may or may not have a job. However, I can tell you from personal experience, it makes very little difference. She still has to take care of her babies. It is her primary responsibility. If she stays home it’s highly likely that she gets up the same the time as her working equivalent. And having a husband might mean exactly the same thing as for the single mother.

Another story we could look at is the young girl who spends her entire young life a tad bit too chubby for society’s liking. She has to fight through life’s emotional trials often without any support at all. An almost identical story exists for the young girl who finds herself a tad bit too skinny for the likes of society. The result – each of them spending a whole lot of time wishing they lived the other’s life without realising that it only equals the sadness they already live.

My life’s walk has afforded me the opportunity to see many other examples of the above stories. Still I notice in each one of them, whether happy or sad, healthy or sick, weak or strong… a common truth. We are all loved enough to die for. (I’m not sure that sounds right to you, but believe me, it’s true) We all possess an element of significance, a unique aspect that gives us the fragrance of importance and value. We all hold, within us, the inherent ability to be amazing and irreplaceable to someone somewhere. We all have a beginning, middle and an ending.

If you are alive today, the tale you tell is remarkably mirrored by my own while at the same time being remarkably diverse.

We all have the same story to tell, what makes us infinitely different… is the words we use.