A Quick Rant

I do not get it.

When people do things they have no right to do under the guise of doing it ‘for your good’ its not always true is it?

Sometimes its just because they could be control freaks.  (Freak is a good word in my book by the way)
Sometimes its because they are projecting their own will or desires onto you.

I hate when people abuse their power.  I hate it because its unjust.  Its almost like rape. A rape of the mind, or rather of your right to make decisions on the journey that is actually your own life. Not theirs.
I hate it because it is not fair and because not fair equals being unjust.

What’s always fascinating to me is that these people actually find some poor weakish soul to be unjust to. There’s always someone they can mould and shape into what they want themselves. 

It can be so debilitating. 
And that just makes me feel so sad for people like that. Both parties.

Why can’t we actually let love be our guide. It would work so much better.

Inspired and Loved