Dear Dream Reader….

Thinking about who my dream reader could be took quite a while.

At first I had no idea then I had to many ideas.
So I looked at pictures for inspiration. And there it was ….or rather they were

My dream readers are the would-be judges and jurists in this world. People in general have a right to, and most feel free to share, their opinions.

Most times, I have come across some souls who think that having an opinion also equals having authority.  But they don’t.  Only I have the authority to make decisions in my own life.
Many a time I have been confronted by people who think they have the right to tell me what to do. I don’t believe any of us have that right. We are gifted with the opportunity to have a platform in the lives of many. A further aspect of that gift is to realise it places us in an advisory capacity.

I always say, I welcome your advice but know that it is just that. Advice. I will take it into consideration when I make my decision.

So, herewith,  some advice from me… things will be much more pleasant when we all realise our levels of authority.  When we can advise without feeling personally rejected when the advice is not taken.

I am, essentially, responsible for every action I take or even don’t take. Whatever goes right or wrong will be borne by me. So give me the space to do so consciously.
So that I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself if things go wrong.

How will I grow if you never allow me to even flex my wings?

Inspired and Loved