Ready, Set, Write: Chapter

Dear Readers,

In response to two seperate writing prompts I bring to you the results of ten minutes of free flow writing based on the word ‘chapter’.
The task-find a word on the 29th page of a book near me. That book happened to be a bible and the word I found glaring at me was chapter.
Immediately, I thought about the current chapter of my life.
Have you ever thought about your life in the form of chapters? One gigantic book of happenings, twists, tales and sagas?

Today, I did. And I want to describe the one chapter currently being written about me.
Life in a new city, when you’ve spent more than a quarter of a century in another, is many things. Some days its daunting, other days its exciting. Some days I find myself thinking “this is great!” Other days …”there has to be more?”

Different things influence the above responses. Things like the weather, climate, animal life, my lack of neighbours, my new church family, new tastes and flavours, discovering the differences in various cultures, deciphering the accents and most of all – my peoples back in my hometown.

I expected this chapter to be challenging. However, not this kind of challenge . I thought I’d have more support from some places and less from others.
Yesterday I spent time reading through previous chapters of my life. They weren’t always pleasant. Infact, I think I may have blocked some of it out.
Some chapters were ruled by the stupidity borne from being naive and living a very sheltered life. Other chapters were exciting, only made so by a very vivid imagination.

Still I come back to the chapter being written presently. Filled with hope, pain, love, laughter and lots of writing.
The writing part includes three challenges.. 1) blogging 101 2) writing 101 and 3) joining a fellow blogger in her quest to write everyday for the 31 days of October.

Chapters can ne interesting, boring, full, placid and also exhilirating.

I don’t know what my future chapters are going to read like.
I do know I have the capacity to write it well.

I am still the Captain of my own ship: Spearheading my own destiny.

Inspired and Loved

Two plus two equals four. Yes or no?

My blogging prompt for today makes no sense.
But I am nothing if not quite the dramatic soul. I tend to look for the hidden meaning in EVERYTHING!
I analyze and re-analyze until it feels mystical and what-not.

Anyhow, back to thw prompt. My first thought was basically, how do I write about something as simple as a sum? Almost immediately after I came up with a different answer.

I love children. I had planned to have 8 children by the age of 32. Turns out I didn’t even get to give birth to 1.
My new answer to this sum is 6. Two plus two is six. Not four.

If I am married and my husband and I have two sets of twins… two plus two equals a family of six.

Having a toddler makes me think I’m crazy for ever wanting more than just one. I can’t even imagine having 2!

But, as always, I remain thankful for this awesome experience. It still takes my breath away when I think of the responsibility raising a child actually provides me with.
But I’m doing it. To the very best of my ability, and daily I get overwhelmed with the beautiful love she inspires in me.

Inspired and Loved