When I was 12…

I don’t remember anything about the twelfth year of my life.

I was 12. That is quite a while ago but by sheer calculation I am able to provide you with the following tidbits.

I had received a puppy for my 11th birthday. His name was Wowser and he had green eyes. Some would call his breed a steekbaard but truly I do not know. The year I was 12 would then have been Wowser’s second year on earth. He died a virgin many years later and was a really sweet pooch.

I was living with my mom for sure. Any extra living mates do not come to mind right now. My mother worked at a children’s convalescent home. That means odd hours. And working every alternate weekend.

If memory serves me well that was also my first year at Mondale Secondary School.
Getting into Mondale was my mother’s dream for me. It was the best school close to home and getting accepted was nothing short of a miracle.
Starting high school is always a stressful thing. My transition from primary school to high school was mafe easier by the fact that most of my classmates got accepted there too.

The twelfth year of my life doesn’t bring about many memories but its the kind of thing I’m thankful for.

It might sound cheesy but without the year I was 12 happening, I would never have made it to 13 😀

Inspired and Loved