Ready, Set, Write: Chapter

Dear Readers,

In response to two seperate writing prompts I bring to you the results of ten minutes of free flow writing based on the word ‘chapter’.
The task-find a word on the 29th page of a book near me. That book happened to be a bible and the word I found glaring at me was chapter.
Immediately, I thought about the current chapter of my life.
Have you ever thought about your life in the form of chapters? One gigantic book of happenings, twists, tales and sagas?

Today, I did. And I want to describe the one chapter currently being written about me.
Life in a new city, when you’ve spent more than a quarter of a century in another, is many things. Some days its daunting, other days its exciting. Some days I find myself thinking “this is great!” Other days …”there has to be more?”

Different things influence the above responses. Things like the weather, climate, animal life, my lack of neighbours, my new church family, new tastes and flavours, discovering the differences in various cultures, deciphering the accents and most of all – my peoples back in my hometown.

I expected this chapter to be challenging. However, not this kind of challenge . I thought I’d have more support from some places and less from others.
Yesterday I spent time reading through previous chapters of my life. They weren’t always pleasant. Infact, I think I may have blocked some of it out.
Some chapters were ruled by the stupidity borne from being naive and living a very sheltered life. Other chapters were exciting, only made so by a very vivid imagination.

Still I come back to the chapter being written presently. Filled with hope, pain, love, laughter and lots of writing.
The writing part includes three challenges.. 1) blogging 101 2) writing 101 and 3) joining a fellow blogger in her quest to write everyday for the 31 days of October.

Chapters can ne interesting, boring, full, placid and also exhilirating.

I don’t know what my future chapters are going to read like.
I do know I have the capacity to write it well.

I am still the Captain of my own ship: Spearheading my own destiny.

Inspired and Loved

Dear Dream Reader….

Thinking about who my dream reader could be took quite a while.

At first I had no idea then I had to many ideas.
So I looked at pictures for inspiration. And there it was ….or rather they were

My dream readers are the would-be judges and jurists in this world. People in general have a right to, and most feel free to share, their opinions.

Most times, I have come across some souls who think that having an opinion also equals having authority.  But they don’t.  Only I have the authority to make decisions in my own life.
Many a time I have been confronted by people who think they have the right to tell me what to do. I don’t believe any of us have that right. We are gifted with the opportunity to have a platform in the lives of many. A further aspect of that gift is to realise it places us in an advisory capacity.

I always say, I welcome your advice but know that it is just that. Advice. I will take it into consideration when I make my decision.

So, herewith,  some advice from me… things will be much more pleasant when we all realise our levels of authority.  When we can advise without feeling personally rejected when the advice is not taken.

I am, essentially, responsible for every action I take or even don’t take. Whatever goes right or wrong will be borne by me. So give me the space to do so consciously.
So that I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself if things go wrong.

How will I grow if you never allow me to even flex my wings?

Inspired and Loved

Who am I? Why am I here?

Someone once asked me to tell them about myself. I responded by telling them all about the things I like doing and some other things I appreciate in life.
He responded by informing me that he didn’t want to know what I liked…. He said he wanted to know about me. I still don’t know exactly what that means.

But that’s what this blog is for. That, and I long to share what inspires me so that others would be uplifted.

This will come forth in different forms…. but more about that later.

I would call myself quite a deep soul. I value knowing who I am a great deal. The passion for knowing my identity has been filled by the question: What defines me? What makes me ME?

For your eyes today, I shall attempt to put some of the answers to these questions into words. 

I am, first and foremost, a worshipper. I believe we all are. What makes us different is who or what we worship.

I would call myself quite complex, a lady with many facets and this blog is my attempt at sharing those facets. I do so in the hope that maybe, just maybe I will find kindred souls who will get some of who I am because they share those facets too.
Also, hopefully, there are some other souls out there who don’t know themselves well enough to put a label to the aspects they haven’t been able to name on their own.
I’m hoping to get responses like “I know, right!?!?”
I’m hoping to find other people who, like me are asking, “Is there anyone out there who feels the way I do?”

For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. I read EVERYTHING!  And I can read things more than once without getting bored easily too. This has brought forth, in me, a desire to write. To make others experience the joy I have felt while delving into the literary,  creative, inspiring thoughts and aspirations of others.

I am also a self proclaimed foodie with lots n lots to learn. I really really really enjoy good food. Both eating it and cooking it. And I enjoy sharing it too.

I also love love. Everything about love inspires me and gives me hope. I love that I know how to love because, without any prerequisites, God loves me first. That’s the kind of love that gives life. It’s this kind of love that I want everyone to feel radiating from me and oozing from my pores.

My thoughts translate themselves to me in various ways. Sometimes in colour, other times in sound.

Hopefully,  I get to share all of the things that inspire me with my readers (new and old alike) and perhaps you will all be inspired by what inspires me.