Power in what you say

Instagram can be wonderfully inspiring.

It offers a window to the rest of the world and an opportunity to be wowed daily.

This pic I found while browsing the hashtag #speaklife really resonated with me. I have been on the receiving end of both life-giving and murdering speech. It’s made me intensely aware of the power that words have.
In an attempt to make as many people as possible aware of it too, I’m sharing this with you.


Take it to heart. You could take a life with what you say… you could also save one.

Inspired and Loved

Two plus two equals four. Yes or no?

My blogging prompt for today makes no sense.
But I am nothing if not quite the dramatic soul. I tend to look for the hidden meaning in EVERYTHING!
I analyze and re-analyze until it feels mystical and what-not.

Anyhow, back to thw prompt. My first thought was basically, how do I write about something as simple as a sum? Almost immediately after I came up with a different answer.

I love children. I had planned to have 8 children by the age of 32. Turns out I didn’t even get to give birth to 1.
My new answer to this sum is 6. Two plus two is six. Not four.

If I am married and my husband and I have two sets of twins… two plus two equals a family of six.

Having a toddler makes me think I’m crazy for ever wanting more than just one. I can’t even imagine having 2!

But, as always, I remain thankful for this awesome experience. It still takes my breath away when I think of the responsibility raising a child actually provides me with.
But I’m doing it. To the very best of my ability, and daily I get overwhelmed with the beautiful love she inspires in me.

Inspired and Loved