Brownie with Custard and Sniffles

The weather has been coolish all week until today. The sky is mostly blue and I can feel there is heat rising.

Despite my positive thoughts about not catching a cold from my husband I now have a runny nose. My eyes feel all puffy and my throat is just a tiny bit scratchy… add to that the over all feel of lethargy.

However, I still have a two year old rocking my world so no chance of staying in bed to rest up.

I’m a firm believer in keeping my tummy full to help fight the nasty germs wanting to take over my body. So I made brownie in a mug with sum custard.

Quick, dark, chocolatey, easy and ‘baked’ in the microwave.



Inspired and Loved

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What I Learnt From My Hair (new/old post)

I am busy restructuring and rearranging my blog 🙂 Hence the need to reblog an old post.
Also, I am inviting you to join me as I record my natural hair journey on my new page My Natural Hair Journey

For many years (at least 20 or so) I wanted my hair to look a certain way.
Society taught me though, that sleek and straight also equalled “right”. But as I grew older I would come to see how very wrong society actually was.

Before all of that though, I started relaxing my hair. It felt *wonderful*! To be able to shake my head and feel, what I imagined was, a shimmering mane. My peers noticed and were so impressed and asked me about it. Ashamed, I lied and told them I had had an oil treatment.
Why? Because it was just sad that I had to chemically treat my hair to make it look like theirs….or so I believed.

Anyhow, while I enjoyed my new found dazzle, aside from having to constantly style and protect my blown out hair, I totally admired girls with frizzy, really curly hair. And so began my search for the ultimate product that would give my relaxed mane the ultimate curl.

I never found it.:-|

I spent so much time and money to absolutely no avail.

About two and a half years ago I came across an article about “going natural” and it got me thinking…why should I relax my hair? Why exactly was I hiding my natural texture from the world? And I realised something…I was no longer a girl who needed to fit in, no longer the girl who felt she needed to change or add to her appearance to look like someone else’s version of right and pretty.
And I thought, “what the hey! I’m goin natural!”

Can you say FREEEEEEEEDOM! Shout it if you must 🙂
I loved it! Do you know why?
Turns out, the curl pattern I had always been looking for….I already had! And it is b-e-a-utiful!

So what did I learn? That so many times we waste alot of time and money trying to make and mould and shape ourselves into something God has already created us to be.

You don’t have to do anything extra to be beautiful. Just embrace who you really REALLY are and I bet you will soon see what somebody else probably already has…..

A beautiful, amazing, brilliant and wonderful you! Naturally!

Love it, you’re totally worth it.

Still enjoying my beautiful curls and my now super healthy hair, lata days, keep it real


Inspired and Loved

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An’Arresting’ Quote

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can.
-Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

That hits the spot for me… wholesome food for thought

Inspired and Loved

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Building or Breaking People

In life everyone has an opportunity to either build or break the people they come into contact with.

Today, what I find myself ruminating on is the breaking part. What makes it so easy for one person to break down another person?

If I took more time I am sure I would be able to come up with many scenarios but I want to touch on only one today.

Everyone makes mistakes at some or other time in their lives. The reasons vary but its still a mistake. What makes me stop and think is when some of those same people come across someone else, who has made a mistake, and they look down on them.
These souls often don’t even seem to care that the person who has made the mistake is busy moving on.

One of the worst things to experience, in my opinion, is when you have done something wrong, realised it, paid the price, moved towards fixing it and then have someone constantly reminding you that you did something wrong.

Talk about counter-productive.

It amazes me that so many people find it easier to break someone down than to build them up.

Wouldn’t it just be better to treat someone the way you would like to be treated?
So much simpler too.

Inspired and Loved

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Soulful Saturday: Prayer & Righteousness

What does it actually take to make prayer work?

James 5:16b – The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much.

First, lets look at what it means to be righteous. Its simple really > to so what is right.  Ofcourse, someone might say what’s right is relative.  But I believe its absolute. Like truth.

Next, what caught my attention was the word fervent, which refers to having or displaying a passionate intensity and also great warmth, intensity of spirit, feeling or enthusiasm. Also great emotion and zeal.

Finally – Effectual.  Now many people quote the above scripture but very few highlight this word. They speak on righteousness and fervency but not effectual.  And I believe its a vital component to this equation. So, what does it mean then?
Obviously it has something to do with being effective.  Its an adjective used here to describe prayer. In particular, the prayer of a righteous person. The best way I find to describe it is producing or able to produce a desired effect.

Now, lets put it all together. For prayer to work according to James 5:16b, it has to have the following components:
》It must be able to produce the desired effect, thereby answering its purpose. We cant just pray into the wind in the hope that something favourable might happen. No. This verse says our prayer ought to have clarity and purpose.
》It must be a passionate and intense endeavour.  No half-hearted attempts here again. Something that denotes purpose.
》Finally, it must be utilised by a righteous individual/s. Those who are doing it right.

Doing what is right helps you get to the ear of God, and He is so attentive to your cry. Ready to put in effect what you’ve requested.

Psalm 34:15 – The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their cry.

Let’s put it this way…
The person who does what is right may pray with intense passion and it will produce the desired effect.

Works for me! Hoping you put it into practice so it works for you too… 😀

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Inspired and Loved

Free To Be Me

I know who I am.
It took me a while to figure it out. To understand and accept myself as well as who God has called me to be.

It is absolutely amazing to be able to say that. And its made me so passionate about the whole concept and truth surrounding identity. I want everyone to know who they are. To make the same breathtaking discovery that I have.

Yet, I admit, the process of having sought and found who I am has made me grateful for the knowing. I just wish I could help everybody find themselves.

Mainly because I have witnessed so many young people and women lost to themselves and struggling to live a pretend life while trying to convince themselves they are happy.
It breaks my heart.

I find great inspiration in music and lyrics and I would like to share this song with you… it makes my liver sing to know I have the fredom to be all God has intended me to be.

Free To Be Me by Francesca Battistelli
from the album My Paper Heart

At twenty years of age
I’m still looking for a dream
A war is already waged for my destiny
But You’ve already won the battle
And You’ve got great plans for me
Though I can’t always see

I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to put the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
And on my own I’m so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I’m free to be me

When I was just a girl
I thought I had it figured out
See my life will turn out right
And I’ll make it here somehow
But things don’t always come that easy
And sometimes I would doubt, ’cause…
I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to put the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
And on my own I’m so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I’m free to be me

Sometimes I believe
That I can do anything
Yet other times I think
I’ve got nothing good to bring
But You look at my heart and tell me
That I’ve got all You seek
And it’s easy to believe, even though…

I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to put the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
And on my own I’m so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I’m free to be me

Inspired and Loved

Thankful Thursday: Inspiration & Encouragement

I found this post  by a fellow “inspirational” and was pleasantly surprised.

Its called The Road to Love by Full of Roses Inspirationals and the way its written makes me feel as though the writer has taken a peek into my heart, seen some of the painful experiences there. Then they followed a link to my mind where questions and thoughts continue to buzz around each other like birds, butterflies and beez courting with pollen-laden flowers.

It reminds me to be grateful that somebody gets it. That I’m not alone in the kind of things I’ve experienced. That, contrary to what some people have said, I am not being selfish or self-absorbed in recognising God’s love as the first and the last in the matter.

I love Him because He loved me first.  I love others because its what His love for me has taught me to do. And in all this loving and hurting and rejecting I have learnt that its ok not to be loved exactly the same in return. Love rewards itself.

I am thankful that God uses people for people and in this case that He uses them and their experiences to encourage and inspire me daily.

Inspired and Loved

What’s the deal with soul mates?

Is it just me or is there a lot of hype around finding your soul mate and marrying them?

I think the definition of this term is quite tricky. So many believe its about romance.
Not me.

I once found a quote I believe adequately addresses the matter. It says… What is a friend? One soul in two bodies.
That made complete sense to me. I am privileged enough to have found my soul mate something like 16 years ago. What’s more is its a male and I am married, but not to him.

What sparked this particular post is a question I came across on Facebook asking whether or not soul mates are a biblical concept.

My initial response was no. Simply because I don’t recall ever coming across a scripture discussing soul mates as such.
My next thought was that most of the people who were commenting were under the impression it had to do with who you marry or are meant to marry.  This lead to some interesting answers. As well as my conclusion that there is a need for a proper definition if an adequate answer is to be given.

So I pondered for a little while…
If being a soul mate had nothing to do with being a predestined spouse, what exactly could I call it?

My answer: someone who is more than a friend. Closer and more connected. No. Not your bff.

Almost immediately after I came to that conclusion I found an answer to the original question posed…

Proverbs 18 : 24b – There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother…

Sounds like a soul mate to me… whats more is, it is possible to have more than one.

What do you think?

Inspired and Loved