Soulful Saturday: Prayer & Righteousness

What does it actually take to make prayer work?

James 5:16b – The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much.

First, lets look at what it means to be righteous. Its simple really > to so what is right.  Ofcourse, someone might say what’s right is relative.  But I believe its absolute. Like truth.

Next, what caught my attention was the word fervent, which refers to having or displaying a passionate intensity and also great warmth, intensity of spirit, feeling or enthusiasm. Also great emotion and zeal.

Finally – Effectual.  Now many people quote the above scripture but very few highlight this word. They speak on righteousness and fervency but not effectual.  And I believe its a vital component to this equation. So, what does it mean then?
Obviously it has something to do with being effective.  Its an adjective used here to describe prayer. In particular, the prayer of a righteous person. The best way I find to describe it is producing or able to produce a desired effect.

Now, lets put it all together. For prayer to work according to James 5:16b, it has to have the following components:
》It must be able to produce the desired effect, thereby answering its purpose. We cant just pray into the wind in the hope that something favourable might happen. No. This verse says our prayer ought to have clarity and purpose.
》It must be a passionate and intense endeavour.  No half-hearted attempts here again. Something that denotes purpose.
》Finally, it must be utilised by a righteous individual/s. Those who are doing it right.

Doing what is right helps you get to the ear of God, and He is so attentive to your cry. Ready to put in effect what you’ve requested.

Psalm 34:15 – The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their cry.

Let’s put it this way…
The person who does what is right may pray with intense passion and it will produce the desired effect.

Works for me! Hoping you put it into practice so it works for you too… 😀

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Inspired and Loved


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