Thankful Thursday: Inspiration & Encouragement

I found this post  by a fellow “inspirational” and was pleasantly surprised.

Its called The Road to Love by Full of Roses Inspirationals and the way its written makes me feel as though the writer has taken a peek into my heart, seen some of the painful experiences there. Then they followed a link to my mind where questions and thoughts continue to buzz around each other like birds, butterflies and beez courting with pollen-laden flowers.

It reminds me to be grateful that somebody gets it. That I’m not alone in the kind of things I’ve experienced. That, contrary to what some people have said, I am not being selfish or self-absorbed in recognising God’s love as the first and the last in the matter.

I love Him because He loved me first.  I love others because its what His love for me has taught me to do. And in all this loving and hurting and rejecting I have learnt that its ok not to be loved exactly the same in return. Love rewards itself.

I am thankful that God uses people for people and in this case that He uses them and their experiences to encourage and inspire me daily.

Inspired and Loved

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