We Are All Snowflakes

All of us are connected in some or other way.

Whether by close or very distant bloodline is not for this post right now.

We are all connected in that everything we do has a effect on something or somebody else.

The awesome thing for me about this is the extent of that effect. What I am doing right now is affecting billions of created things. It could be in both good or bad ways… and I believe if we knew exactly how we affected others it would change the way we do things drastically. We might be more compassionate or less lenient.
We might make the time to play with our toddlers before they grow up forever.
We might dance without music or fight the urge for a fourth scoop of Rocky Road ice cream.

Imagine the changes that would bring to the way we interact with each other. 

There’d be no litter and no poverty and no global warming.

Closer to home…. I think we’d b so much kinder.

(Unless you’re just plain ole nasty. In which case..  do let me know if you need help with that 😀 love still changes  things.)

We’re all snowflakes.  Made of the same thing but unique in awesome ways.

I love that ♥

Inspired and Loved

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