This is an awesome initiative.
Thankful behavior and awareness is the cure for grumpy tendencies to complain.
It just makes your day lighter!


If you are exposed to any type of social media these days, you have probably heard of “Throwback Thursday”. Well lately, it has really taken off (at least on Facebook) among my friends. When we all first started to post such funny pictures of each other from the past, well, it was, really, uh, funny. However, months later, I am now pretty tired of seeing old pictures of my friends (or of me for that matter) every Thursday.

So I have decided to start a new tradition. I pretty much doubt this is an original idea, but I have decided to start a weekly post called “Thankful Thursday”. Now, by the time I publish this post, most of you will see this on Friday but hopefully I will be more organized and post early Thursday mornings. Tonight, I will just pretend that I live in Hawaii (imagine me waving at…

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