What to do Wednesday…

I make ricotta cheese. From scratch.  Its very gratifying to know I can actually do that.

So earlier this week I discovered some milk going bad and decided to make a batch. Its my creamiest batch ever!

But it was also my biggest and for some reason I can’t seem to use it up. Normally I would make cheesecake.  But I need lemon juice. And I’m not about to drive to the shop just for lemon juice. So now I have this ricotta that needs using and today I endeavour to use it. Well most of it anyway. Before it goes bad.

My first offering to ricotta day is a sandwich. I buttered two slices of bread on both sides. Then I mixed some ricotta and green mango pickle (a gift from my new Durban souls) including some of the pickling juices. After slathering this delicious mixture onto the bread I toasted the sarmie in a griddle pan. Delicious and yummy goodness!

Writing this, I realise I should have taken a picture for the blog. Oops!

It went down really well.

Later I may attempt ricotta eggs or even pancakes…. hopefully I remember to take a pic then…

Later days 😀

Inspired and Loved


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