BIG day ahead!

Tomorrow is Sunday.

I always feel a wave of excitement wash over me just thinking about it.

Of late, some of the excitement is due to the fact that I’m not used to seeing my church family so seldom.
At my home church we see each other practically every day. In my new home city I get to fellowship with the brethren only Tuesdays and Sundays.

I imagine many reading this thinking that’s enough for one week. But its not to me. I love getting together with the household of faith. I enjoy the opportunity to build and be built.

Nothing beats doing it in person, even in this technical and socially adept society we find ourselves in.

The other element to the excitement is that it’s Sunday! Sundays are cool. I get to go to church. There’s the opportunity for cooking a fabulous lunch and a delicious dessert. Also, the prospect of feeding someone all that delicious goodness is quite alluring.

Sundays are very busy for me. As it is for any other mother who has to get themselves and their children ready for service. There is always something that can go wrong.  Sometimes it happens early enough so it doesn’t disrupt. Other times it happens when you are literally about to drive away. But! Such is life I always say.

So, aside from being a fabulous day for communal praise and worship; an opportunity to declare and decree; a time to be fed with wholesome life giving words … I am extremely thankful that Sunday is the day that gets me to Monday 😀

My very own off day!

Inspired and Loved


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