Hope, Faith, Trust

A complex trio if ever I saw one.

Sometimes – quite often actually – God can give you a promise about tge future that ties in absolutely with your present.

That’s when you need to hope. That’s when you need to have faith. That’s when you need to trust.

Many people think that hoping, having faith and trusting is a passive thing. Its not. Its a doing thing. A very active thing.

Romans 15:13 speaks about the God of hope filling us with joy and peacein believing so that we may ABOUND in hope through the POWER of the Holy Ghost. That doesn’t sound like a passive hope to me at all.

Hebrews 11:1 says faith is the evidence of things unseen. Evidence is not invisible and its definitely not intangible. Faith must be seen and experienced. It cannot be inactive – that wouldn’t be faith at all.

Proverbs 3:5 speaks of trusting in God with all your heart. Have you ever done something and put your all into it? Your passion, your strength, your essence, your heart?

I’ve noticed that any time God makes a promise about the future it most probably comes at a time when what you are seeing, hearing and experiencing is almost the direct opposite. The logical thing is to disbelieve it all. Afterall, where is the proof?

God is the proof. He’s never failed. His word has never been a lie. Many times all that’s required is for you to hope, have faith and trust in the Lord. Even when your entire life points in a contrary direction.

So, in times of need, the hope that God will provide, is vital. Trust that He will make a way and faith (evident in the things you do in your present day) will see it come to pass.

Remember, its not true because I believe it. I believe it because its true…

Inspired and Loved


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