A Durban Concert Experience

he invitation came about two or three weeks ago. One of the guys at church asked me to accompany him and some other souls to sing at a concert.

Yes. I sing. I’m passionate about worship. I likewise love to dance!

Anyway, we started practicing and so on. Still, nothing could prepare me for the experience. Does nobody like to dance in public here? The stage had been set and the atmosphere was positively abuzz with rhythm. But nobody was actually dancing. Even though there was enough space. There was lots of cheering though.

Coming to Durban initially I had felt I was going to enter into the Bollywood central of South Africa. You may find that ignorant, but when you don’t know, you just don’t know. Until you actually arrive there.

Everyone I have met, so far, has been so conservative. I feel positively wild in comparison. I don’t imagine I have ever thought of myself in that light. It’s not actually terrible.
They cast it down to my ‘coloured’ heritage. I haven’t yet been able to convince them otherwise.

I had a great night nonetheless. Especially since we had fans 😀
One thing I may never lack here is affirmation. I really appreciate that. In fact, I LOVE that!

It was a fun time right down to everyone  gravitating to McD’s after without actually planning to.

I’m enjoying it all. The sights and sounds of Durban.
In light of where I now live, I cannot help but make a foodie comparison… I have become the curry, the sambal if you will. And all my new souls are the cool raita and tzatziki of my Durban life.

What an awesome privilege.

Inspired and Loved

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