My View on Being a Parent (aka My need to vent)

Being a parent is no joke.

You bring these little souls into the world and they completely depend on you for a number of years.
You feed them, clothe them, teach them, discipline them and do everything else that should be done as a good and responsible parent.

Then one day they start feeling independent and start making their own decisions. And no matter who or what you believe in you hope that you’ve taught them enough to enable them to make the right ones. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.  You want to tell them what to do but at the same time you need to allow them to venture out and face consequences and what-not.

It all sounds so stressful to me.

Why do people want to reproduce?
Why willingly take responsibility for the moulding and shaping of an actual life?

It sounds so scary and overwhelming.

Add to this the nerve people have to judge what you do when all you are doing is the very best you can. They chip away even the smallest confidence you have in doing the right thing till all that’s left is a very scared you. Afraid to do anything because you are no longer sure whether what you’re doing is really you or whether every action you take going forward is right or a result of the fear that now keeps nagging at you.

I am told that love makes it all worthwhile. I believe that. Even though it hasn’t quite sunk in completely yet.

It has also occurred to me that people can only do this if you allow them to. That you can and should decide to allow your love for your children to make you do what’s right.

Because no matter what people say to or about you, you are the best mom or dad your child can ever have.

There remains a responsibility on you…one that is both awesome and terrific…. but only you can do it the best.

Still…. It feels as though I am the only one who is experiencing this….
Few things in life are as bad as feeling judged and alone.

I will process it and flourish. Because that is what I do.

“Find the joy in who you are”


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