To wheat….or not to wheat….is it an actual question?

I just finished reading something by a blogger about how giving up wheat (and sugar) is incredibly beneficial to most folk.

After going through her extremely funny accounts of what she has encountered (too much counting, I know) 🙂 I have decided that I am quite interested in putting the wheat free life to the test.

I’ll tell you why too. I have, for quite some time, been battling with water retention in my feet. It has been horrific! Especially because I have some really beautiful shoes. Imagine not being able to wear your really classy heels to a ‘do’ because your shoes suddenly no longer fit???!(I know the ladies are probably the only ones who get that, it’s ok guys)
But now, seriously, I have had to change my foot style somewhat because of it.

I am thinking that my ‘love’ for pasta and freshly baked bread have been doing me in all this time…

So I am off, my peoples, to gather some info on the wheat free life and will keep you updated on what I find…

Hopefully, one of more of you have some info for me and will make this easier by sharing:D



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