All things parenting…..

Watching something today reminded me of something else I feel quite strongly about too…

As a parent you know you always want to give your offspring the very best that you can possibly give them.
But many people translate this into giving children the best clothes, toys, etc.
However, this day and age sees so many children grow up way too fast and with way too little manners.

Characters are left to be shaped by what society provides them with and providing them with the latest technology, so-called freedom paired with so-called privacy.

But, we forget that, while we may not have had the best toys or the most money growing up, we learnt valuable lessons that have moulded us into outstanding people.

Discipline has been given a back seat for fear of having children abused. Sadly.
Do not misunderstand me, I don’t condone abuse in any form but my mother…she knew how to give it to me straight. With her mouth and with her hand. And because of it, I am a beautiful person inside and out.

My mother raised me by herself. We learnt how to get by with a little while being thankful all the same. And when we received anything more, I learnt to value it that much more.
Most of us were taught to work hard and earn what we wanted. And when we got it, we knew how to look after it.

These are the priceless lessons of life that we need to pass on to our children, these are the legacies we need to leave behind for them.

As parents lets not focus on giving our children what we didn’t have at the cost of depriving them of what we did…

Lata days ….:)


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