Power in words


Found this quote quite inspiring and I wanted to share it with you.

Many times we don’t realise that the words we write or speak have the power to change things, people, situations radically!

So, especially to all my fellow bloggers/writers, you have in your possession a gift that you can use to impact the world. What better way to leave a legacy?

This is another one of my passions….leaving a legacy.

Have you thought about it yet? Leaving something behind that will transcend the barriers of time and impact people for generations to come. I have.
Not just money or a building or company. Something that will become an institution!
So, I have determined that, not only will I write, but I will be written about….

And my life will leave an impression on someone.  So much so that it will b lasting….echoing into time and space. Forever changing a course or pattern and only ever for the right

It’s a scary thought don’t you think though…..what are you leaving behind for those who will follow or succeed you?

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